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Just about everyone wonders about the future of our country. And we all wonder what we can do to preserve freedom for ourselves and for those to come.

We must remember that we enjoy liberty today because millions of people in the past worked and sacrificed to build America. And today millions of people every day support and protect our country and our way of life through great and seemingly small acts.

You are one of those people.

Each one of us helps insure the future of liberty by living each day as good citizens. One of the most important tasks we face is to impart good values to young people. In less than ten years, many of today's children will be voting, working, and making decisions that affect this country.

They need your guidance today. Through teaching and through example, you can help children learn what it means to be a good citizen.

  • Learn about our country's history.
  • Study current events.
  • Understand and obey our laws. Work within the system to try to change laws you may not like.
  • VOTE. Learn about candidates and issues.
  • Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a citizen.
  • Respect the rights of others.
  • Learn how you can help protect our country, including homeland security and military service.
Show children how to be good citizens by the way you live. And teach them the important values of America.

These comic books give you fun and memorable tools to give children lasting lessons in citizenship. Each comic book has been carefully reviewed by a wide range of experts. The attractive full color stories present information in a format that is fun to read.

For less than the price of a soft drink, you can give a child one of these educational comic books. The lessons you share with children through these comic books will stay with them as they grow to become protectors of America's future.

The Future Of Liberty Is In Your Hands.
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